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In July, the Sussex County Planning Commission unanimously passed a proposal to require “pistol and sporting clays ranges” in A-1 zoning areas to apply for and receive a conditional use permit before opening for operation.  A public hearing of the Sussex County Board of Supervisors (BOS) was held on August 20, 2009 and the BOS unanimously sent the proposal back to the planning commission to “clearly define the terms ‘sporting clays fields and pistol ranges in Sussex County.” 

The Planning Commission has now resubmitted the proposal to the Sussex BOS and a public hearing will be held at 7:00PM Thursday November 19.  Your attendance is needed to defeat this proposal.  It should be noted that the planning commission is the originator of this proposal, not the BOS. 

This is becoming an all to familiar story. While existing ranges Airfield Shooting Club and Sussex Shooting Sports may be grandfathered in by the proposal, approval of the recommendation may mean that future additions to existing clubs and ranges may require them to apply for a permit. This will impact numerous groups that need shooting facilities in the county like Boy Scouts, 4H, NRA Events (i.e. Women on Target Clinics etc), to name a few. 

If you are a gun owner living in Sussex County or shoot competitively at a club currently located in Sussex County, it is important that you attend this public hearing and oppose the proposal. 

The Virginia Shooting Sports Association (VSSA) is in the process of obtaining a copy of the current proposal that will be considered.  When the planning commission  forwards a copy as promised, it will be posted on the VSSA blog. 

What: Public Hearing on Shooting Ranges in Sussex County
Where: Sussex County General District Courtroom, 15080 Courthouse Road, Sussex, VA 23884
When: 7:00 PM

Be sure to attend this meeting.

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Tuesday is shaping up to be a good election day for conservatives. All three conservative candidates are ahead in Virginia’s statewide races, Chris Christie (somewhat less conservative than I would like but a big improvement over the incumbent) is polling ahead of far left candidate Jon Corizine, and the far left candidate masquerading as a Republican in New York’s 23rd House district dropped out the race and endorsed the Democrat. That action confirmed what conservatives had been saying about DeDe Scozzafava-that she was a Republican in name only.

Much is being said in the media about what kind of message the New York situation sends to “moderate” in the Republican Party. I will tell you what the message is – “moderates” are welcome in the GOP but if you are a big spender don’t waste your time.

Let’s hope tomorrow night is the beginning of big things for conservatives in the 2010.

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