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To help encourage hunters and shooters to vote absentee if they will be traveling on business or in the field on Election Day, NSSF has developed a poster for shooting ranges and retailers that encourages absentee voting. With a simple headline, “Before you hunt — Vote,” the poster is a great reminder that directs the audience to www.nssf.org/VoterEd for access to information about absentee voting in every state. You can help: Download, print and hang the poster prominently at your business or gun club to remind your staff, customers, or fellow gun owners.

Before you hunt, Vote

NSSF Poster

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Please join Delegate Dave Nutter and special guest Wayne LaPierre for a barbecue dinner saluting our Second Amendment rights.   Don’t miss this great opportunity to celebrate the Second Amendment and support one of its most stalwart defenders, Delegate Dave Nutter!

For tickets or to learn about sponsorship opportunities, please contact the Nutter campaign. Individual tickets are $50.00 and sponsorships are also available for $250, $500, $1,000, and $2,500.

When: Thursday, October 2 – 5:30 p.m. – 8:30 p.m.

Where: The Plantation at Sunnybrook, 7342 Plantation Road, Roanoke, Virginia

If interested, please RSVP by calling (540) 267-5431. This event is being held by the Friends of Dave Nutter Campaign.

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This is not gun related but for everyone who loves freedom and believes in our capitalist free enterprise system, you need to know how we got to the point where the government is considering nationalizing a large chunk of our financial system.

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Congressman Virgil Goode (5th District) is engaged in a tough re-election campaign and needs our help. Congressman Goode has been a longtime friend of Virginia gun owners. As a State Senator, he sponsored legislation that became Virginia’s “shall issue” Concealed Handgun statute. If you live in the 5th Congressional District and can volunteer some time, contact Congressman Goode’s campaign at:

Goode for Congress
235 South Main Street
Rocky Mount, VA 24151
Phone:(540) 483-9030

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Virginian Karl Rusch appears in an NRA ad targeting hunters urging them to defeat Obama on November 4th.

His son, former Marine Staff Sgt. Kurt Rusch, a veteran of the Iraq war, appears in an ad targeting veterans, that talks about how they fought to protect the very freedom that Obama threatens.

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Cute interactive Q  & A for gun owners to see if Obama agrees with you – courtesy of the NRA Political Victory Fund.

Hat tip to Sebastian.

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Or is he just waiting until he has the votes in congress before doing what he would really like to do with respect to guns? Listen closely to his answer to a question he took at a Duryea, PA, glass factory.  After using the same tired code words of “gun safety” to describe ending private sales at gun shows, shutting down gun dealers as he proposed in 2000 and taking a swipe at the NRA, he lets slip what is the only thing that would keep a President Obama from doing what his record clearly shows he would like to do if he could.

Obama claims the NRA opposes “gun safety” measures but it is the NRA that has done more to promote real gun safety than any other organization – pro-rights or anti-rights. Through the Eddie Eagle program, which is celebrating its 20th anniversary this year, millions of children have been taught the basic message that if you see a gun, “Stop, Don’t Touch, Leave the Area, Tell an Adult.” Through various other programs of the NRA, millions of new gun owners have learned the safe handling and use of a firearm.

It’s clear Barack Obama knows nothing about what is real gun safety and he is no friend of gun owners.

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