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Not happy that reporter Emily Miller, a DC resident, is associated with the pro-rights movement, Josh Horwitz sent an email earlier today linking to this site calling on Coalition to Stop Gun Violence supporters to write WTTG (Emily’s employer) and ask that they fire her for not being “objective.”

Miller was not exaggerating. She has spent most of her career openly lobbying against the District’s gun laws. Miller is the author of “Emily Gets Her Gun…But Obama Wants to Take Yours,” a book in which she rails against D.C.’s democratically-enacted licensing and registration laws, which have been deemed constitutional by a federal court on two separate occasions.4 She has also personally testified before the D.C. Council’s Judiciary Committee in favor of looser gun laws.5 Finally, some have accused Miller of fabricating stories on WTTG to further her pro-gun agenda.6

This is the behavior of an activist and pundit, not a journalist. Given her record, D.C. residents can’t trust that Miller will provide objective coverage on matters of concern to their city. If WTTG is at all concerned with journalistic integrity, it is time for them part ways with her.

The gun ban lobby does not like the fact that Emily has been effective in getting the pro-rights side of the issue in the media.  She has stood with gun owners, first as an editorial writer for the Washington Times and now as a investigative reporter for WTTG.  Please drop an email to WTTG and let them know how much you appreciate Emily Miller’s reporting.

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The Fredericksburg Free Lance-Star has a great article today that explains the need for Senator Richard Stuart’s SB848, a bill that would prevent the Virginia State Police from sharing concealed handgun permit holder data with states that don’t recognize Virginia permits.

Addressing his colleagues, Stuart described an incident that occurred in Maryland on New Year’s Eve of 2013. According to news reports, Maryland police pulled over Florida resident John Filippidis on Interstate 95, ostensibly for speeding. An officer then approached the vehicle and allegedly told Filippidis, “You own a gun. Where is it?”

Filippidis did indeed own a handgun—he had a concealed-carry permit from Florida. At the time, he had the weapon locked in a safe at home. The only way Maryland police could have known about the gun was by accessing the database of Florida’s concealed-weapon permits, according to Filippidis and other Second Amendment rights activists.

The traffic stop on I–95 lasted for at least 90 minutes while police searched Filippidis’ vehicle. After failing to find a gun, officers issued Filippidis a warning for speeding. Filippidis, who was traveling with his family, said he was humiliated by the ordeal—and the incident made national news.

The all 21 Republicans voted for the bill as well as three Democrats, Senators Chuck Colgan, John Edwards and Linwood Lewis.  The bill now moves to the House of Delegates.  While Governor McAuliffe’s office has not stated a position on the bill, anti-rights Senator Dick Saslaw said the Governor would veto it if it reaches his desk.

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