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A couple days ago, Washington Post Blogger Erik Wemple reacted in dismay that a network personality, in this case S.E. Cupp, who is paid by CNN for her opinions, would appear in a magazine ad for the NRA:

Her participation in an NRA advertisement, however, isn’t opinionating so much as advocacy. Agreeing on general terms with the NRA about gun rights, the media and many other topics is one thing. Another thing is advancing its membership agenda. By doing that, she aligns herself not only with the group’s gist but also with its lobbying tactics, its fundraising strategies, its approach to handling press inquiries, its Web site design, its color choices in its shooting range. Everything! She’s taking her affiliation with CNN and channeling it toward the proprietary agenda of a Beltway special interest.

I wonder if Wemple would have reacted the same way in 2005 when CBS 60 Minutes correspondent Mike Wallace appeared at a Brady Campaign fundraiser?

Cupp spoke with NRANews.com’s Cam Edwards about the non-controversy:


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