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The National Shooting Sports Foundation has a new ad that you will probably see run on all of the outdoor television networks.  You can see the ad below.

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Well, I figured the astro-turf gun group American Hunters and Shooters Association would be supporting Obama in the general election since they went all out for him in the Pennsylvania Democratic Primary earlier this year.  I was in Dallas earlier this week and when I spoke with my wife on the phone Tuesday night, she told me she heard “some football player” doing an Obama commercial on the local conservative talk radio station (WRVA) in Richmond.  The “some football player” is none other than former Redskin player Ray Schoenke.   Sure enough,  Sebastian over at Snowflakes in Hell had posted on the subject earlier in the day via Ahab.

In the ad, Schoenke says:

“This is Ray Schoenke.  I played football with the Washington Redskins.  Now I’m president of the American Hunters and Shooters Association.  It’s important to me that our next president protects our Second Amendment rights to own guns, and to defend ourselves.  Barack Obama and John McCain will both make sure we keep our guns.”

I guess Schoenke did not hear Obama say in Pennsylvania that he opposes our right to self defense because he opposes concealed carry.  But, this ad is not as much about trying to persuade gun owners that Obama is no threat to gun owners as it is to try and get gun owners to vote for Obama based on other issues (i.e. put us at ease that Obama will not restrict our gun rights so it’s okay to think about other issues like the economy).  Schoenke launches an attack on McCain reading straight from the Democrat’s talking points. 

Now, this blog is about gun rights so I will not get into the other reasons that I am also supporting McCain but I will say even though I am not a one issue voter, gun rights are at the top of my list and if a candidate is bad on guns, he or she is going to have a hard time getting my vote because I believe that my right to keep and bear arms protects all of my other rights.

The fact is, Obama has no interest in protecting our gun rights anymore than Schoenke gives a rats rear end about the rights of hunters and shooters.  His group is a front for the Democrats.  It was organized and funded by people (including Schoenke) who have a long history of supporting anti-rights groups like the Brady Campaign as well as other gun control groups.  Schoenke recently wrote over on the Huffington Post that his is a “typical American family on guns.”   For those not familiar with it, the Huffington Post is where the loony left meets to spread disinformation on guns and other topics of interest to liberals.

Anyway, Schoenke writes:

“My wife doesn’t hunt. She doesn’t even like guns. But, she does appreciate my love for hunting and guns – and we share a deep commitment to preserving our environment. And, I accept that she was a financial supporter of the Brady Campaign. And, I also support her and respect her opinions. On guns, we’re like James Carville and Mary Matalin – happily married, on different sides, but still respectful of each others’ views. “

What Schoenke does not tell you is that if you go to Opensecrets.org and do a search on Ray Schoenke, you wil find that he has given to the Brady Campaign too.  In fact, not only has he given to the Brady Campaign but to almost every big name anti-gun candidate and congress critter – including Barbara Boxer, John Kerry, Bob Torricelli, Teddy Kennedy, and Bill Clinton.  Do a search on all of the people associated with AHSA and you will find they are a who’s who when it comes to gun control.

So, tell your pro-gun friends, if they hear Schoenke on their radio station talking about a “fake to hide the ball”, that it’s Schoenke and Obama doing the fake – faking support for your gun rights to hide Obama’s real record on guns.

Listen to Ray Schoenke Shilling for Obama here.

If you want more information about AHSA you can here.

Hat tip to Sebastian, Ahab, and Cam Edwards.

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