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The threat of a Hillary Clinton Presidency was at the top of every speech given during the NRA Annual Meetings and Exhibits (NRAAM) this past weekend.  The Alaska Dispatch News posted this story from Bloomberg News reporter Michael C. Bender that quoted Richard Feldman, a former NRA employee and former Executive Director of the American Shooting Sports Council (ASSC), predicting that Clinton could spur even greater gun sales than the record setting sales during Barack Obama’s presidency:

“Barack Obama is single handily responsible for the sales of more guns and ammo than any human being in the history of the United States,” said Richard Feldman, a former NRA political organizer. “Clinton could do better.”

It should be noted that Feldman is the media’s go-to guy for quotes because he is a former NRA employee and has less than flattering things to say about his former employer.  Having said that, he is probably right.  Her rhetoric about the need to “change the gun culture” is already leading some to add to their collection as noted in the article:

For Chuck Raymond, who works in Kentucky’s oil fields, Clinton’s rhetoric is enough to keep adding to his gun collection. The 69-year-old doubled the size of his arsenal to about six during Obama’s presidency, with the new purchases fueled by fear that the Democratic president may successfully restrict access to firearms.

Now, with Clinton on the verge of becoming the party’s nominee, he’s buying again. “I’ve wanted an M16, one from the Vietnam era, for a long time,” Raymond said. “She encouraged me.”

Every gun owner needs to get involved in this election.  As was made clear during the NRAAM this past weekend, the Second Amendment is on the ballot this year.  Go to NRAILA.org and sign up to volunteer this election.


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