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The Hill has this story on how gun control advocates are touting “gains” in the states while the push for federal gun control stalled.  The thing is, with the exception of Colorado, all of those “gains” came in states that were already unfriendly to the rights of law abiding gun owners.

In the year following last December’s deadly shooting spree in Newtown, Conn., that state — along with California, Colorado, Delaware, Illinois, Maryland, New Jersey and New York — enacted major reforms, the groups said.

That’s what Brady Campaign’s President, Dan Gross, called a “year of tremendous growth and momentum.”

And worse, for the gun ban groups to be crowing so loud about the gains they have made, the Brady Center’s new document grading the states on gun control note that only 10 states have an “A” or “B” grade based on their gun control laws.  Thirteen states get passing ( 7 Cs, 6 D ) grades – but Brady certainly can’t be happy with the laws in most of those states. Over half of the states have a Brady failing grade , meaning they are truely firearm friendly states (Virginia is one of the states with a “D”).

So, with Terry McAuliffe running openly supporting more gun control, is it likely Virginia will join the states that passed gun control in 2013?  Not if the House of Delegates has anything to do with it.

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