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If you needed any more evidence that the stakes couldn’t be any higher in the November 5th elections, consider this:

Anti-gun billionaire New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg is dropping $1.1 million dollars into the Virginia governor’s race.  This money will pay for a relentless stream of attack ads against NRA-PVF’s endorsed candidate for governor, Ken Cuccinelli.

Why would the Mayor of New York City care who the next Governor of Virginia is?  Because this race is part and parcel of Bloomberg’s nationwide efforts to buy elections to ensure as many anti-gun lawmakers as possible are elected to office.

It should come as no surprise then, that Mayor Bloomberg’s preferred candidate in this race is Terry McAuliffe.  After all, McAuliffe:

  • Supports a ban on commonly owned rifles, pistols and, shotguns;
  • Supports a ban on standard-capacity magazines;
  • Wants to re-impose the failed and discredited one-handgun a month gun rationing scheme;
  • Wants to make it a crime for you to transfer privately-owned firearms, between many family and friends, and;
  • Stands shoulder-to-shoulder with Obama and Bloomberg in working to destroy your constitutional Right to Keep and Bear Arms!

Because of his hostility toward the rights of Virginia’s lawful gun owners, NRA-PVF has rated Terry McAuliffe as an “F”—a grade he has more than earned!

Of course, Bloomberg is threatened by the prospect of Ken Cuccinelli being elected as Virginia’s next governor, because Ken Cuccinelli always has been a staunch defender of your Second Amendment rights.

  • As Virginia’s current Attorney General and a former state senator, Ken Cuccinelli has an outstanding, life-long record of supporting our Second Amendment rights.  Ken Cuccinelli doesn’t just talk the talk, he has walked the walk in defending freedom!
  • Ken Cuccinelli voted to protect citizens’ fundamental right to self-defense during a declared state of emergency by protecting against government confiscation of lawfully-possessed firearms.
  • Ken Cuccinelli voted to protect the private information of concealed carry permits which has been abused by the anti-gun media and criminals in other states.
  • Ken Cuccinelli voted to maintain uniform protections for gun owners throughout the state.
  • Because of his commitment to our rights, Ken Cuccinelli has an “A” rating and is endorsed by NRA-PVF.

The choice for Second Amendment voters in Virginia on November 5th couldn’t be more clear —VOTE FOR KEN CUCCINELLI FOR GOVERNOR!  Visit http://www.nrapvf.org/defeatmcauliffe for additional information on this race.

defeat Terry McAuliffe

Electing Ken Cuccinelli as our next governor will take more than just your vote on November 5th.  Here are some other critically-important steps you must take to protect your Second Amendment rights:

  • Educate your family, friends and fellow firearm owners on the stark differences between the two candidates and ensure they vote for Ken Cuccinelli on November 5th!
  • Print and distribute the attached flyer throughout the pro-Second Amendment community.
    • This flyer contains contact information for NRA-ILA’s Campaign Field Representatives (CFRs). Our CFRs are working in strategic locations throughout Virginia to ensure gun owners are actively engaged in our grassroots efforts to turn out the pro-gun vote on November 5th.
    • Please make sure you contact the CFR nearest to you to assist with his/her efforts and encourage your family, friends and fellow firearm owners to do the same.
Please print and distribute the attached flyer to your family, friends, and fellow firearm owners to make sure they understand the clear choice Virginia gun owners have in this year’s elections.

James Lee

Chesterfield, Powhatan
James Morton

Newport News
Trey Ramsey

Augusta, Rockingham
Terry Durkin

Buchanan, Wise
Lexy Rusnak

Northern Virginia
Jacob Champion

Bedford, Amherst
Raney Quirk

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National Review Online’s Jim Geraghty joined Cam Edwards on NRANews.com yesterday to discuss, among other things, Democrat candidate for Governor Terry McAuliffe’s comments related to gun control.

It’s clear that McAuliffe believes being out front on gun control will not hurt him.  It’s up to gun owners to prove him wrong. Geraghty is right, this is going to be a low turnout election and gun owners can make a difference in that environment, when we get out and vote.

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The Wall Street Journal has the story here. Now is the time for gun owners to get involved for Cuccinelli. Turn out will decide this election.

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That’s the question Bearing Drift is asking this morning.

Democratic Sens. Dick Saslaw, Janet Howell and Barbara Favola all sent emails to members of the Northern Virginia Technology Council PAC when word got around that the PAC was going to endorse Ken Cuccinelli rather than Terry McAuliffe. The email from Howell, excerpted in the Washington Post, was scathing:

The Post article mentioned on Bearing Drift reports that the lobbying effort by Saslaw, Howell and Favola was “intense.”

“For them to endorse a guy with his views, a supposedly enlightened group of people — ­science-oriented — would have been the same as in the 1960s, the NAACP supporting George Wallace,” Saslaw said.

The Post noted that when the two candidates interviewed for the endorsement, that Cuccinelli came off as an intelligent, serious candidate, and that McAuliffe came off as, well, McAuliffe.


“Terry was his normal, flamboyant self,” said a board member present for both interviews. “He didn’t want to get pinned down to any details. He didn’t give any details. He was all about jobs, jobs, jobs — ‘I’m just going to take care of the situation when the time comes. I’m just going to do it.’ It was all [expletive].”

The endorsement was due out last Friday but the McAuliffe campaign protested, leading to what the Post said was an “intense lobbying effort.”  It’s clear McAuliffe is not ready for prime-time, does not know the issues and is in no way prepared to be Governor of Virginia:

On a question about whether Virginia should stay in something called the “open-trade-secrets pact,” Cuccinelli gave a thoroughly researched response, the person said.

But McAuliffe answered, according to the source: “ ‘I don’t know what that is. I’ll have to look it up later.’ And then he turns back to the guy [who asked] and said ‘Well, what do you think we should do?’ And the guy says, ‘We want Virginia to stay in it.’ And then Terry says, ‘Okay, we will.’ ”

We have less than two months before the election.  Here is one more example of why we need to keep McAuliffe from leading this state.

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Bearing Drift has these thoughts on Larry Sabato’s latest rating in the statewide races.   Sabato says what most observers already know; Cuccinelli is behind and if the election were held today he would probably lose. Fortunately, the election is still two months away and we have time to turn this around.

Now that summer is over we all need to get out and do what we can to see that the anti-gun ticket of McAuliffe, Northam, and Herring do not win.  Are you in?

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The Cuccinelli for Governor campaign takes a humorous look at Terry “TMac” McAuliffe in this new ad that quotes the Richmond Times Dispatch comparing him to the McDonalds’ “Big Mac.”

Hat tip to Bearing Drift.


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Yesterday, conservative blogger Erick Erickson put out a request for donations to help elect Republican Ken Cucinelli Virginia’s next Governor.  The appeal helped raise $10,000 by 11:00AM Wednesday.  It appears anti-gun Terry “Party Animal” McAuliffe doesn’t like it:

Do you recognize the name Erick Erickson? I wouldn’t be surprised if your answer is “no.”

He’s an ultra-conservative blogger who popped up on the radar earlier this week when he called Texas State Senator Wendy Davis “Abortion Barbie,” a disgusting comment that’s not remotely out of his character.

And then yesterday, Erickson raised $10,000 in small donations for Ken Cuccinelli —before 11:30 a.m.

We can’t let that kind of momentum build unchallenged. Donate $5 right now to help Terry match the Tea Party’s moneybomb.

It’s not ideal that the Cuccinelli campaign picked up a quick $10K that they’ll use to smear Terry. But it’s worse that Erickson was able to raise the money so quickly.

Erickson has put out the call again.  Here’s your chance to help Cuccinelli if you are so inclined.

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Guns owners already know that Terry McAuliffe is no friend of gun owners.  But there are more reasons than his support for gun control to make sure Terry “Party Animal” McAuliffe does not become Virginia’s next Governor.

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The Virginia Shooting Sports Association, the NRA’s state association has the story here.

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