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NRANews Commentator Colion Noir lays out why politicians turn to gun control rather than tackling the real hard issues facing crime plagued inner cities.


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Last weekend was the NRA Annual Meetings and Exhibits in Indianapolis where over 75,000 NRA members attended making it the 2nd largest atttendance in the 143 year history of the organization.  Besides a lot of great products on display, some new membership promotional videos featuring some of the NRA’s new commentators.  NRA is making some great outreach to women with these new resources.  And with market research showing that as much as a third of all new gun owners are women.  That’s a smart idea.


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Colion Noir responds to the NFL declining a Super Bowl Ad from Daniel Defense.

Please note, the NFL is a business and can approve and deny ads as it sees fit.  But, considering some of the other things it condones and ads it allows to run, and the fact that Daniel Defense sells items in addition to firearms sand therefore meets the NFL’s criteria for advertising, the NFL’s decision is just a little hypocritical in my humble opinion.

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