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“A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.” Does the Second Amendment mean something different today than it did when our great nation was born? In the premiere episode of The DL, “The Truth About the Second Amendment,” Dana Loesch introduces her new NRATV series and is joined by NRA personalities and gun rights advocates to examine the enduring and fundamental meaning of the Second Amendment, despite what you might hear from the mainstream media.


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President Obama and the gun ban lobby would have us believe that their proposal for so-called “universal” background checks and bans on standard capacity ammunition magazines are just commonsense.  It’s what they don’t tell us that should have us worried.  For instance, Independence Institute Director of Research Dave Kopel has recently written about the unintended (or likely intended) consequences of “expanded” background checks as laid out by Everytown for Gun Safety.  Now NRANews commentator Dana Loesh goes a step further in identifying what the gun ban lobby really wants.

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The NRA (or specifically the NRA Foundation) has a new national campaign touting the NRA as Freedom’s Safest Place. It consist of seven ads featuring people like Marcus Luttrell , Sheriff David Clarke, and Lt. Col. Oliver North all with a particular them.  One of those themes reaches out to the fastest growing segment of the gun owning community and features Dana Loesch .  She explains that she’s a mom, and like millions of American’s, that’s why she owns guns.

They aren’t as much a membership promotion as they address broad themes like our military as heros (North), our law enforcement as people of honor (Clark), and jihadist enemies of freedom (Luttrell) as a statement of values that NRA members believe..

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