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Former Virginia Governor and current NRA Board Member Jim Gilmore is running a hard fought campaign for U.S. Senate to replace Senator John Warner who is retiring.  Gilmore is being out fundraised and out spent by his opponent but he remains undaunted.  Gilmore is a friend to gun owners.  A longtime NRA Life Member, Gilmore came out forcefully earlier this year against current Governor Tim Kaine’s attempt to end private sale of firearms at gun shows.  I’m supporting Jim Gilmore because he will oppose renewal of the Clinton Gun Ban, oppose attempts to end the private sale of firearms at gun shows, and will stand up for the rights of individual gun owners.

Gilmore Ad for NRA

Gilmore’s opponent is former Virginia Governor Mark Warner.  Warner signed every pro-gun bill that reached his desk.  However, he has said on more than one occassion that he supported the Clinton Gun Ban on certain semi-automatic rifles and would have signed a bill forbidding carrying in a public recreation center if it had reached his desk.  Warner is following the “middle road” strategy that was laid out by the moderate Democratic Leadership Council.  He has also said he wants to go to Washington to be a “Radical Centrist.”  If he gets to the Senate however, can he be counted on to vote against all restrictions on our gun rights?  Would he support Supreme Court Justices like Alito and Roberts who voted to uphold our individual right to keep and bear arms and against justices like Breyer, Ginsburg, Souter and Stevens who voted to abolish an individual right?  Gun owners need to ask Warner these questions and get him to give a direct answer.

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