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In 2009, Sebastian at Shall Not Be Questioned posted this about Mayors Against Illegal Guns.  Yesterday, Bloomberg was taking a victory lap claiming credit for his chosen candidate winning the Democratic Primary in Chicago’s 2nd District.  Note, this was not a pro-rights district, but that does not matter to the anti-rights crowd. 

  • Their messaging is slick. The trick in getting the public to accept a more radical agenda is to wrap it up in something that’s non-controversial. That illegal guns, what the public thinks of as guns in the hands of criminals, are bad isn’t something there’s much disagreement on. On the surface, they package largely the same agenda as the Brady Campaign, as a policy package to combat guns in criminal hands. Anyone willing to look at the specifics can clearly see it as hogwash, but most people don’t bother to look at specifics.

Read Sebastian’s entire post linked above.  It is definitely relevant today.  Now is the time to Stand and Fight.

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