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For the last year, at least at the federal level, the target of the gun ban lobby has been so-called “assault weapons.”  But everyone knows that most crime is committed with handguns so why the focus on rifles? Only those who have been truely honest have pointed out that fact. Michael B. Greene, a developmental psychologist and senior fellow at the Rutgers School of Criminal Justice has finally stepped up to the plate and mentioned what the gun ban lobby surely thinks, but is too timid to propose.  From NJ.com:

First, based on the facts, we need to refocus on handguns rather than assault weapons. Second, we need to focus on strategies to reduce straw purchases.

His strategy?  National handgun rationing – i.e. a national one handgun a month law.  And, he even went a step further:

We need to place restrictions (yes, there’s that evil word again) on the purchase of ammunition for handguns, the perishables in the gun business. We can restrict the purchase of ammunition to those who are licensed or eligible to purchase guns (as Connecticut has done). We can also impose a limit on the number of handgun bullets that can be purchased at any one time. And we can impose high taxes on ammunition. Such taxes could be used to implement effective violence-reduction strategies — strategies that are needed to supplement efforts to keep guns out of the hands of criminals.

Greene believes the recent Supreme Court rulings of Heller and McDonald allow for such infringements on our rights.  Greene points out, Connecticut has already passed limits on ammunition access.  And, it has already had a negative impact on hunters.  So much for “we won’t do anything to your hunting guns.”

Hat tip to The Gun Wire.

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