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This morning I received this email from Rob Keck, former CEO at the National Wild Turkey Federation and now Director of Conservation at Bass Pro Shops.

Dear _______

Our hunting and fishing heritage is important to you and me – and Mitt Romney understands its importance to America and how it positively impacts the quality of life for all Americans.
You get to know a lot about an individual when you’re at a hunting camp or out in the field or on the mountain, and that’s exactly the experience I had two seasons ago with Mitt Romney, Mitt Romney is man of great integrity and character. He has a solid vision, and plan, as well as a deep and abiding love for America. He understands and respects the passion of our sportsmen and women, hunters and anglers, conservationists, and recreational shooters.
As we all know, our country needs a turnaround. We aren’t better off than we were four years ago. Under President Obama our debt has soared, burdening our children and grandchildren and mortgaging our future. We can and we must do better. We need a president that understands the economic importance of hunting and fishing. We need Mitt Romney!
As sportsmen, our rights to enjoy the outdoors are under attack from this administration. But, we do have a choice in this election. We can send a man to the White House who will protect our gun rights and preserve and expand our access to our precious public lands we hunt and fish. We can’t achieve these results alone. We need your help! You can make a difference.

Click on the links below to get involved with the campaign. There are undecided voters out there who could decide this election. We need them to support Mitt.

  • Sign up to make calls to likely voters in swing states. The Romney for President Call from Home program makes it easy to make calls on your own, or host a call party! Sign up and get started here.
  • Live in or near a swing state? Find the closest Victory Center and sign up to help directly on the ground in that state. Visit http://www.mittromney.com/states to find information and get started.

Thanks for answering the call to the future of our hunting and fishing heritage and to the greatest nation on earth.
Rob Keck

The Romney Campaign is reaching out to sportsmen in this final push to the finish line.  It is supposed to be a messy weekend this weekend so what better time to sit down at the kitchen table and volunteer a couple of hours calling voters to Defend Freedom and Defeat Obama.

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For those who could not attend the rally in Fishersville, Virginia, or have not seen the video of the rally, I have posted it below.

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