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Terry McAuliffe has tried very hard to make Ken Cuccinelli look as extreme as possible, most recently on the issue of firearms. Last week McAuliffe sent out this tweet:

“In 2004, Ken Cuccinelli voted against making it a misdemeanor to carry a missile into an airport terminal,”

“Fast Terry” was referring to a 2004 bill that

Cuccinelli was one of 16 people in the 40-member state Senate that voted against that would have barred people from entering an airport terminal carrying a “gun or other weapon designed or intended to propel a missile or projectile of any kind.” According to PolitiFact, it can be argued that the description does encompass missile launchers, but that’s an interpretation that doesn’t weigh the debate at the time the bill was considered.

McAuliffe’s tweet focuses on the term “missile” and suggests that the bill’s purpose was to ban warheads from airports. But the term “missile” is undefined in state law and could mean bullets, rocks, or even a cup of soda if it’s thrown maliciously.

So there’s a trace of truth to a deeply distorted and inflamed statement by McAuliffe. We rate his claim Mostly False.

I think that is a good way to rate McAuliffe’s entire campaign.

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