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The Texas State Rifle Association is running an ad on radio throughout Texas that encourages gun owners to consider what is at stake in this election. The ad details that even though the Heller decision has affirmed an individual right to keep and bear arms, that the changes that will occur in the Federal judiciary in the term of the next president may have a dramatic effect on what the Second Amendment means. All the “reasonable regulations” left undefined in the Heller case this summer will be decided since litigation filed in the wake of Heller is set to determine many of those key issues, including whether or not incorporation of this basic right goes down to state and local government. If that fight is lost, the Second Amendment will then only apply to the Federal government, leaving states and municipal governments a free rein to take away most, if not all of our gun rights.

TSRA forwarded the audio to me and other gun rights activists and asked that we assist in distributing the ad to like-minded individuals interested in defending the Second Amendment. They don’t have to be Texas residents, in fact it would help a great deal to get this out of state. As a non-battleground state where McCain is expected to win by over 17 points, both campaigns have largely ignored Texas.

I have uploaded the audio to You Tube to make distribution easier. Please listen to the ad below and then pass it along to others so we can get to word to all gun owners.

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