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On Sunday, NRA Executive Vice President Wayne LaPierre appeared on CBS’ Face the Nation to discuss the Obama administration’s failure to protect Americans from radical Islamic terror attacks. He portrayed the administration’s concentration on gun control as a distraction from the very real threats that our nation faces today.

Also NRA-ILA Executive Director Chris Cox appeared on This Week With George Stephanopoulos, explaining where the responsibility lies for Americans’ vulnerability to terror attacks and firing back against false accusations toward the NRA. He affirmed the organization’s absolute stance against arming suspected terrorists and argued against the effectiveness of so-called “assault weapons” bans.


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NRANews released this new video from Wayne LaPierre at 6:00 PM Wednesday night.  In it, LaPierre starts out by saying “Americans are growing more and more sick and tired of Barack Obama. They’re sick of the sanctimony, the narcissistic celebrity, the dishonesty and the growing number of failures. But more than anything, they have never feared for America’s future like they do right now.”

He continues by pointing out the lack of prosecutions under this President for crimes that he claims his “executive actions” are supposed to help prevent.  LaPierre concludes with a challenge.  He says NRA won’t be suckered into a “fixed fight” with the President like the so-called Townhall last week, but will meet Obama for a one-on-one debate on neutral ground.  Don’t look for Obama to accept the challenge.

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With all of the Democratic presidential candidates and President Obama actively pushing gun control, it appears Democrats believe this is once again a golden issue for them.  But the Miami Herald has this article today that, after detailing what caused this change, asks is it really a safe issue?

“I think the Republicans will try to use the president’s executive actions to motivate part of their base,” said Nathan Gonzales, editor and publisher of the Rothenberg & Gonzales Political Report, a nonpartisan newsletter.

That prospect still may make some Democrats tread cautiously.

Rep. Dan Kildee, D-Mich., who chairs a Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee program for vulnerable incumbent Democrats, said the party isn’t requiring its candidates to press the gun control issue in their campaigns.

That in itself is interesting since the President said last night at his so-called “townhall” that he would not campaign or vote for any Democratic candidate who does not support his gun policies.

Only one Democrat has broken ranks with Obama on the issue, Heidi HeitKamp.  Considering she represents a pro-rights state, she is probably glad she does not have to worry about Obama making a trip to North Dakota.

Hat tip to Cam Edwards.



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Roll Call’s At The Races Blog notes that Arkansas Democrat Mark Pryor did not react to Bloomberg’s ads as planned:

“I’ve gotten a lot of questions about NYC Mayor gun ad. My response? I don’t take gun advice from the Mayor of NYC. I listen to Arkansans,” Pryor tweeted Monday afternoon.

Good response Senator.  Bloomberg is likely to get similar responses from the Senators in Georgia, Nevada, and Arizona, which are also states with pro-rights Senators to which he hopes to apply pressure.  The fact that a “vulnerable” Democrat has already dismissed Bloomberg’s powerplay does not bode well for his tactics.

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Your vote is needed more today than ever before.  You can go to www.triggerthevote.com and register online.  Or, simply go to your local registrar’s office, DMV, or any where that you can purchase hunting and fishing licenses.

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Former Ohio Secretary of State Ken Blackwell has this article on how the Sotomayor nomination to the Supreme Court is bad for gun owners.

Hat tip to NRANews.

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The Obama Administration and anti-rights crowd in congress and the media seem to believe that by simply repeating a talking point enough will make it so – thus the constant repetition of the “90% of guns confiscated in Mexico are purchased in the U.S.”

Well, FactCheck.org, which did a horrendous job during the presidential campaign of picking out the facts about candidate Obama’s record on Second Amendment issues, has done their own check on the U.S. guns in Mexico debate. FactCheck.org also picked apart Fox News‘ number of 17%. Here is what FactCheck came up with:

Given the lack of hard data from Mexico we can’t calculate a precise figure for what portion of crime guns have been traced to the U.S. Based on the best evidence we can find so far, we conclude that the true percentage is probably less than half of the 90 percent claimed by the president and others in his administration, who base their claim on a badly biased sample of all guns seized in Mexico. But we also conclude that the number is probably at least double what Fox News has reported, based on their mistaken interpretation of ATF testimony.

Unfortunately, FactCheck.org did their own editorializing with this close:

Whether the number is 90 percent , or 36 percent, or something else, there’s no dispute that thousands of guns are being illegally transported into Mexico by way of the United States each year.

Maybe the President should work on protecting our borders.  That way we could stop a whole lot of illegal activity that is going on in both this country and south of the Border.

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An editorial in yesterday’s NY Times lamented that the shootings of a decade ago at Columbine, two years ago at VA Tech, and last week in Binghamton haven’t resulted in tougher gun control.  NRA was once again trotter out as the reason, sighting the organization’s “intimidation” tactics against congressmen and the Times urged the President to “place the immense persuasive powers of his office behind an across-the-board, badly overdue push for sensible gun control”.  Never mind the fact that a recent Gallup poll showed that  support for gun control is at an all time low.

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Gun owners will recall that during the transition, Barack Obama’s employment questionnaire included the infamous question #59 that asked prospective employees about whether they or their family ever owned guns.  Maybe he should have been more concerned with the issue of whether his team had paid their taxes.

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For all of those people who said President Obama would have too much on his plate to promote gun control – this from the White House “Urban Policy” Agenda web page:

Address Gun Violence in Cities:Obama and Biden would repeal the Tiahrt Amendment, which restricts the ability of local law enforcement to access important gun trace information, and give police officers across the nation the tools they need to solve gun crimes and fight the illegal arms trade. Obama and Biden also favor commonsense measures that respect the Second Amendment rights of gun owners, while keeping guns away from children and from criminals. They support closing the gun show loophole and making guns in this country childproof. They also support making the expired federal Assault Weapons Ban permanent.

They basically moved the text from the transition web site to the official White House web site.  Apparently these are far enough up on his list of priorities to be posted on the White House Agenda web page.

Hat top to David Codrea of The War on Guns.

UPDATE: How did I miss the “making guns in this country childproof” in the Obama agenda?  That appears to be an addition to what was on the Transition web page.   Does this mean he is going to make the use of trigger locks mandatory? Does this mean “Smart Gun” technology requirements?

Hat tip to the Campaign Spot.

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