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The latest Rasmussen Poll released Sunday shows Tim Kaine clinging to a one point lead with two weeks left to go.  We need gun owners to get involved now to help turn out our vote for George Allen in these final two weeks.  Please contact the Allen campaign to see how you can help in these closing days.


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Tim Kaine is no friend to gun owners!

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Today is your last day to contact your legislators and urge them to override Governor Kaine’s vetos of five important gun bills.  Get more information here.

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Not only did Governor Tim Kaine veto SB1035 that would have allowed you and me to carry concealed in Applebees, he vetoed SB877 – a bill allowing retired law enforcement to carry concealed in restaurants like Applebees that happen to serve alcohol along with food.

This is after having signed a bill last year that allows Commonwealth Attorneys to carry concealed in restaurants. Mind you SB1053 prohibited consuming alcohol while carrying. Last year, Kaine allowed Commonwealth Attorneys to drink while carrying concealed in restaurants.

I guess this means the only people Tim Kaine trusts are lawyers while thumbing his nose at law enforcement, you, and me.

In addition to vetoing the restaurant bills, Kaine also vetoed the following:

HB1851, which would have exempted active duty service members in Virginia from the state’s limit of purchasing one handgun a month.

SB1528, which would have allowed training required for a concealed weapons permit to be completed online.

HB2528, which would placed some much needed sunshine on compensated gun confiscation schemes (gun buybacks).

More information to follow.

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Governor Kaine demonstrated again yesterday demonstrated that he will say anything to promote his agenda.  Take this for instance:

There isn’t any reason why someone who is dangerously mentally ill or a felon should be able to get a gun under any circumstances and I continue to be surprised that people feel like that is OK.

That was Governor Kaine talking to reporters just before the vote yesterday on SB1257 – Senator Marsh’s “Gun Show Loophole” bill.

I don’t know a single gun owner who thinks it it “ok” for felons or mentally ill individuals to get their hands on firearms.  We simply don’t think the government should be involved in transfers of privately owned firearms when the vast majority of those sales are between family and friends.  When you look at the number of firearm sales that occur at a gun show, private sales make up a small percentage of the total sales.  And no less than three federal studies have shown that gun shows are not a source of firearms for criminals.

If keeping felons and mentally ill people from getting firearms was the goal of Kaine and others pushing this legislation, then voluntary checks and providing an FFL at the show to conduct those checks (since only FFLs have access to the State Police for running such checks) should be sufficient.  But both Kaine and some of the families of Virginia Tech shooting victims said yesterday that they were not interested in such amendments.  So, something else is their real goal and that something is ending all private sales.  You have to believe shutting down gun shows is also an ultimate goal because every bill that has been introduced goes well beyond simply requiring background checks.  They all require some form creating a registration list of everyone that walks into a gun show.

So, the next time you hear Tim Kaine say he can’t understand why someone thinks it is okay for felons and mentally ill people to buy firearms, ask yourself why Kaine had not interest in at least getting voluntary checks at gun shows for private sales.

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Barack Obama has named Virginia Governor Tim Kaine to head the Democratic National Committee.  Kaine had previously told Obama that he would not accept a cabinet level position in the new administration.  Kaine said he wanted to finish his term as Govenor.  I guess Kaine figures being chairman of the DNC will not require much time away from his duties as Governor.   Actually, he had a lot of practice considering the amount of time he was on the road for Obama last year. I can’t say I am surprised by this because Obama likely wanted to give Kaine something for all of the work he did on Obama’s behalf and since he would not accept a cabinet post the only thing of substance is the DNC chairmanship.  We shall see if Kaine can do more for the DNC than he has done for the Commonwealth.  To date, Kaine only achievements have been in the political realm – helping put control of the State Senate back in the hands of his party, and working to push Virginia in the “Blue” column last election. 
Kaine has signed one pro-gun bill of substance – the bill outlawing N.Y. Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s firearm straw purchase schemes, as well as some minor pro-gun bills.  But the two most important pro-gun bills to pass during his term – the bill repealing the restaurant ban and the bill allowing non-CHP holders to carry concealed firearms in private motor vehicles if stored locked in container – were both vetoed.  Kaine is also famous for having tried to use public funds to support the 2000 Million Mom March while he was Mayor of the City of Richmond.

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