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Or so it seems based on commentary from folks close to the firearms industry.  The best information on all of this came last Sunday when a number of knowledgeable people were guests on Tom Gresham’s Gun Talk radio program.  These experts included The Shooting Wire‘s Jim Shepherd (by far the best segment of the program), and The War on Guns‘ David Codrea.  Shepard is a longtime veteran of the media and he has well placed sources who tell him that the new administrationwill move on the so-called assault weapons ban sooner rather than later.  Shepard was on the program for the entire second hour with the most important parts of his analysis coming in the last ten minutes.  I can’t do it justice here so I recommend you listen to his comments yourself.

Codrea’s comments were made during the first hour of the program.  Today he also linked to a post by Michael Bane that talks about how the administration will multi-task by taking on the recession and guns at the same time.

Basically, Bane says his insider source explains due to the fact Obama has taken such a beating from the “moonbats” on the left over the Rick Warren inaugural invocation and the fact Obama is installing a third Clinton administration, he has to “rebuild his left-wing creds.”  Taking on the assault weapons ban so soon will burn a huge amount of political capital, but it will “drive a stake in the ground” to prove Obama means what he says about “change” regardless of the consequences.  Plus, the Republicans are so disorganized and the Blue Dogs in his own party are less likely to band together early in his administration that striking early makes sense.  The source also posed that the “gun lobby” is as weak now as it is ever going to be.

After the reaction to his economic stimulus plan by members of his party in the Senate I don’t know if I completely agree with the Blue Dogs not rebelling this soon but the reasons for a quick strike given by Bane’s source (there were a total of six) make sense to me.

Needless to say there are storm clouds on the horizon for gun owners and they are getting darker as January 20th approaches.

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