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Barack Obama has named Virginia Governor Tim Kaine to head the Democratic National Committee.  Kaine had previously told Obama that he would not accept a cabinet level position in the new administration.  Kaine said he wanted to finish his term as Govenor.  I guess Kaine figures being chairman of the DNC will not require much time away from his duties as Governor.   Actually, he had a lot of practice considering the amount of time he was on the road for Obama last year. I can’t say I am surprised by this because Obama likely wanted to give Kaine something for all of the work he did on Obama’s behalf and since he would not accept a cabinet post the only thing of substance is the DNC chairmanship.  We shall see if Kaine can do more for the DNC than he has done for the Commonwealth.  To date, Kaine only achievements have been in the political realm – helping put control of the State Senate back in the hands of his party, and working to push Virginia in the “Blue” column last election. 
Kaine has signed one pro-gun bill of substance – the bill outlawing N.Y. Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s firearm straw purchase schemes, as well as some minor pro-gun bills.  But the two most important pro-gun bills to pass during his term – the bill repealing the restaurant ban and the bill allowing non-CHP holders to carry concealed firearms in private motor vehicles if stored locked in container – were both vetoed.  Kaine is also famous for having tried to use public funds to support the 2000 Million Mom March while he was Mayor of the City of Richmond.

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Posting has been light the last couple of weeks, mainly because I have been on vacation and have been spending a lot of time with the family.  I did take a little time to do some hunting the last couple days of deer season and  yesterday marked the end of another deer season in Virginia.  I did not get to go a lot this year but it was still a successful season.  I only saw one deer the entire time I was on a stand but it was a buck of a lifetime for me.  A huge eight point buck walked directly toward my stand within the first hour on the first day of muzzleloader season and I had it on the ground ten minutes later.

I’m not one that judges the success of a hunt on whether I bag a deer but I have to say, that hunt was at the top of my list.  The other times I was able to get in the woods this year were great even though I did not see a deer because I saw a lot of other wildlife like wild turkeys and even saw a red fox on Friday.  I will spend the months between now and next season scouting for more deer trails and putting out mineral blocks for supplemental nutrition in hopes of seeing more deer next year.  But for now, I will savor the memories of another season that is gone and the biggest deer I have ever had a chance to take.

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